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Mission of the CELC Research Committee


  • Assist the CELC in regularly assessing its success in meeting its collaborative outcome goals.

  • Support the implementation of research that serves the CELC goal of improving early childhood (birth to five years) outcomes in the community. 

  • Ensure that research and outcome findings are disseminated locally and more broadly as appropriate. 


In addition, the research committee will review external research and project proposals in order to: 1) make recommendations to the CELC partners regarding fit with CELC goals, and 2) ensure that projects have appropriate procedures and have required research ethics approvals in place.

The CELC Research Committee is lead by Beth Haines, Associate Professor of Psychology at Lawrence University.  

Current Research Interests


  • Promoting positive child development in the first 5 years.

  • Supporting teacher growth & staff development.

  • Studying the synergy of the CELC partnership.

  • Engaging in research on best practices in early childhood education.

  • Identifying optimal enrichment projects to increase early childhood literacy.

  • Increasing collaboration between early childhood & early elementary teachers for optimal achievement & behavioral outcomes.

  • Assessing family needs & community success in meeting families’ needs.



Research Inquires

If you are interested in establishing a research partnership with the CELC please contact:  

Marchelle Moten, Director

Advancing Early Childhood for the Fox Valley Region




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