Five-Year Vision


The Community Early Learning Center (CELC) of the Fox Valley will be an example of the commitment that Appleton and surrounding communities have for ensuring a child's optimal development during the first five years of life.  The CELC will be a collaborative community that offers high quality early childhood education and care and deeply enriching experiences for parents and families with young children.


Area early childhood educators will be offered opportunities for professional growth in evidence-based practices through attending CELC-sponsored workshops, seminars and in-classroom experiences in developmentally appropriate practices in all learning domains.


The CELC will also be a center point for critical early childhood initiatives:

   -  Early surveillance and screening for cognitive, physical and mental health development.

   -  Early childhood obesity prevention and intervention.

   - Reducing the likelihood of child abuse and neglect by supporting children and families in developing crucial 'protective factors' that research has   demonstrated can mitigate the impact of trauma and adversity.


The CELC will regularly participate in research in key areas of early childhood development and teacher practices through partnerships with Lawrence University and other institutions of higher learning.


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